Highest Efficiency Blowers for Air Handling Units and Fan Matrixes


In the realm of critical applications in hospitals, universities, and public buildings, timely delivery is paramount. Our ATLAS AIR plug fan ensures swift delivery of up to approximately 50 pieces within 4 - 8 weeks, catering to small and medium-sized manufacturers of air handling unit and fan matrix equipment with mission-critical needs.

Our focus on energy efficiency not only reduces operating costs but also ensures sustainability, while the high-performance EC motor delivers exceptional airflow with minimal noise, backed by comprehensive technical support for seamless integration. Designed for project-based businesses,the design offers easy installation, maintenance, and a compact size, saving on labor costs and optimizing air handling unit space for more efficient designs. 

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Key Facts


Timely Delivery for Critical Applications

We can deliver up to approximately 50 pieces within 4 - 8 weeks, ensuring you as a small or medium-sized manufacturer in critical sectors like hospitals and universities receive reliable equipment promptly, facilitating timely project completion without compromising quality.

Cost and Space Savings for Project-Based Businesses

Our HVAC Atlas plug fans are tailored for project-based manufacturers. They offer easy installation, maintenance, and a compact size which helps you optimize air handling unit space, resulting in saved time, reduced labor costs, and more efficient designs.

Energy Efficiency for Reduced Operating Costs

Engineered for energy efficiency, our plug fans reduce operating costs for your customers and promote sustainable practices in facilities, delivering long-term cost savings and environmental benefits.

High-Performance with Low Noise for Customer Satisfaction

High-Performance EC Motors provide exceptional airflow with minimal noise, ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering top-notch performance while maintaining a quiet environment.

Comprehensive Support for Seamless Integration

We offer detailed technical support documents and personal engineering team support to ensure smooth integration and operation, especially for our customers who are unfamiliar with EC motor technology.

Reliable and Long-Lasting Solution

The lightweight yet sturdy construction balances ease of handling with durability, facilitating easy installation and maintenance while ensuring a long service life tailored to specific applications, minimizing downtime, and enhancing overall reliability.

Competitive Edge and Business Growth

We aim at helping businesses stand out. By choosing this plug fan, manufacturers gain a reliable, efficient, and timely air handling solution, elevating their offerings and meeting customer needs effectively, ultimately driving business growth and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Ventilation equipment for mission-critical environments:

  • Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • Fan Matrixes / Fan Arrays / Fan Walls
Technical Data
Models 9 blower solutions (impeller/motor combinations)
Fan Wheel Diameters 355 mm to 560 mm (14" - 22")
Drives Next generation EC motor; 5 - 7.5 hp; integrated VFD
Air Flow / Pressure max. 11,100 CFM; max. 8.5 inWG 
Material of Construction Inlet plate, motor plate, inlet cone: galvanized steel;
impeller, braces: aluminum
Temperature Range -4 to 104 °F / -20 to 40 °C 
Motor Protection Class IP54
Motor Insulation Class B
Supply Voltage 460 VAC
Supply Voltage Frequency 60 Hz



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