Elmer W. Gillmer

The History of Peerless Blowers

The journey began in 1893 when Elmer Gillmer founded The Warren Electric & Specialty Company in a humble barn in Warren, Ohio. Originally focused on manufacturing lamps, the company soon embarked on a path of innovation that would define its legacy.

In 1899, Peerless made a groundbreaking entry into the electrical trade by introducing the first "desk fan" under the Peerless trademark name. During the period from 1899 to 1901, Peerless fans were a proud product of The Warren Electric & Specialty Company.

A pivotal moment occurred in 1902 when the Peerless Electric Company was established and incorporated as a separate entity, marking a new chapter in Peerless' history. This move set the stage for the company's evolution and growth in the coming decades.

In 1959, The H.K. Porter Company recognized the potential of Peerless Electric Company, acquiring all its assets and contributing to its continued success. The torch of innovation was passed through the years, and in 1988, HBD Industries Inc. took the reins, acquiring The H.K. Porter Company along with all its assets.

The next significant chapter unfolded in 1992 when the Fan & Blower operation transitioned from Warren, Ohio, to the picturesque Hot Springs, NC. Under the name Madison Manufacturing Company, the company thrived, eventually rebranding to operate under the iconic name - Peerless Blowers.

In 2015, a new era began as Peerless Blowers joined the global family of punker GmbH, a move that brought fresh perspectives and opportunities. This acquisition was part of a broader development, with punker GmbH being acquired by Cross Equity Partners AG.

Fast forward to today, where Peerless Blowers continues to be a beacon of innovation and reliability. In a momentous merger, Peerless Blowers joined forces with punker LLC while retaining its cherished identity. This strategic move positions Peerless Blowers at the forefront of the industry, combining the strengths of two dynamic entities.

As we reflect on our journey, from a barn in Ohio to the vibrant mountains of North Carolina and beyond, we invite you to be part of our ongoing story. At Peerless Blowers, our history propels us forward, inspiring us to set new standards in the world of industrial fans and blowers.

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