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UltraFanPak Belt Drive

UltraFanPak B
Backward Incline Utility Set

Peerless Blowers UltraFanPak B backward inclined utility sets are available in 13 sizes ranging from a 10-1/2 to a 36-1/2" wheel, in AMCA class 1 and 2. Wheel sizes 27" and larger are standard with airfoil wheels. The CFM range is 509 to 30,640 with up to 8-1/2" static pressure. The fans have easy installation and maintenance. The self-contained packaged fans allow for easy access to the motor, drive and bearings for ease in installation, lubrication, belt adjustment and wiring.

The backward inclined fans are designed with a heavy-duty housing and base. The wheels are dynamically balanced and supplied with cast iron hubs. All fans are available in either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and the housings are rotatable up to 8 different positions. All of the backward inclined fans are available with either single or three phase motors in a variety of enclosures. All backward inclined fans are tested in accordance with AMCA codes and standards.

UltraFanPak FCB
Forward Curved Utility Set

The Peerless Blowers UltraFanPak FCB forward curve belt drive utility set is a high quality, low cost, heavily constructed and completely self-contained unit. The low speed characteristic of the forward curve wheel design makes for an extremely quiet and efficient operating unit. These blowers are designed for use in high volume low and medium pressure, clean air, ventilating and exhaust applications. Wheel sizes range from 8 through 24-1/2". The horsepower curve is always maximum at free air delivery and the maximum efficiency is near the peak static pressure.

This self contained unit is designed for ease of access to the motor, drives and bearings. As a result, installation and maintenance costs are minimal for the user. All units are equipped with a convertible discharge which may be rotated easily to any of the eight positions.

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