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PVL Propeller Fan | Axial Propeller Fan

The Peerless Blowers PVL | Axial Propeller Fan is an economical axial propeller fan, equipped with permanently lubricated bearings, integral fan guard, and balanced aluminum blades for clean air ventilation.

  • Low Volume Ventilation
  • Optional Remote Speed Controller
  • 4 Models, 273 to 1,700 CFM, Max 0.25" SP
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Panel

Technical Specifications


Clean Air, Small Space Ventilation Applications:

  • Kitchens
  • Laundries
  • Taverns
  • Bakeries
  • Farm Buildings
  • AIRFLOW: Clean Air from 273 CFM to 1,700 CFM, up to 0.25" SP. 
  • SIZE FORMAT: Panel Mount. 
  • PROPELLER: Axial Propeller, Aluminum Blades. Diameters 8" to 16". 
  • DRIVE: Direct Drive. High Efficiency, TEAO, 120 to 480VAC Single or Three Phase, NEMA Frame Size Motors. Variable and Fixed Speed. 
  • TEMPERATURES: 40°C / 104°F Max.
  • INLET: Square Mounting Panel 13" H x 13" W to 20" H x 20" W. 
  • OUTLET: Circular Through-Panel Outlet. 
  • CONSTRUCTION: Steel Sheet, Gray Powder-Coated Finish. Indoor, Heavy-Duty. 
  • SPARK RESISTANCE : Not available for this series. 
  • ​​APPROVALS: ISO-9001 Certified Shop. AMCA Accredited In-House Test Laboratory. 
Available Models
PVL-8 8 400 1⁄8 1⁄50 13 13 1550 5⁄16
PVL-10 10 600 1⁄8 1⁄50 13 13 1550 5⁄16
PVL-12 12 1380 1⁄4 1⁄12 20 20 1725 1⁄2
PVL-16 16 1700 1⁄4 1⁄12 20 20 1750 1⁄2



Peerless' Propeller Fan PVL series offers an economical mix of low horsepower, low volume ventilation with heavy-duty mounting panels, safety guards, and fully enclosed motors.

Our panel-mount fans include an aluminum blade assembly, dynamically balanced for efficient airflow at quiet volumes.

  • High-Grade Aluminum Blades.
  • Carbon Steel Hubs.
  • Low Weight, High Efficiency Design.

Mounting Panel
Square, rigid steel mounting panels allow for either framed-in or surface mounting on vertical walls. Models PVL-12 and PVL-16 can be horizontally mounted as well.

  • Single-Piece Panel.
  • Four Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes.
  • Powder-Coated Finish.

All models include a totally enclosed, long hour shaded pole electric motor with permanently lubricated sealed sleeve bearings.

  • Fractional Horsepower Motors.
  • Long Service Hour Duty.
  • Terminal Wiring Box Onboard.

Fan Guard
With safety in mind, these panel fans include an integral motor-fan guard constructed of heavy-duty corrosion-resistant solid round bar.

  • Finger- and Animal-Safe.
  • Removable for Easy Fan Access.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Bar.

Peerless' Propeller Fan PVL series is available in a Panel Mount format.

Panel Mount
Panel Mounting uses a flat sheet metal base as the frame for the fan's components. This square panel includes four pre-drilled bolt holes, and is mounted by fastening to a flat wall, ceiling, or roof surface (check each model for acceptable orientations). The fan can be framed into an opening, surface-mounted, or mounted to a curb.

  • Direct Drive.
  • Permanently Lubricated Sealed Sleeve Bearings.
  • Four 3/8" Mounting Holes.

For straight-forward ventilation needs, the Peerless Propeller Fan PVL series can be outfitted with additional accessories to improve performance and safety.

Speed Controller
The optional Variable Speed Controller adds a field-mounted dial for users to set desired anti-stall and / or minimum fan speeds.

  • User-Settable Speed Control.
  • Installs Near Fan for Easy Access.
  • Wires In-line with Supply Power.

Discharge Shuttlers
To protect against weather and back-draft entry into the building through the fan housing, Discharge Shutters can be provided to mount onto the exterior building surface.

  • Hold Out Weather.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction.
  • Manual or Automatic Operation.

Discharge Guard
For applications where the discharge end of the fan is exposed to personnel, a heavy-duty expanded metal safety guard can be provided to restrict incidental access to the fan blades.

  • Heavy-Duty Expanded Metal Guard.
  • Improves Safety and Reliability.
  • Full Encloses the Fan Blades.

Peerless can provide nearly any special motor specification, including multi-speed windings, stainless steel casings, washdown and other environmental ratings, IEC and other frame sizes, and more.

  • Any Compatible Motor Can Be Provided.
  • Domestic or International Frames.
  • Special Environment Ratings.


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