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M | Industrial Blower

The Peerless Blowers M | Industrial Blower is a igh-efficiency material handling fan featuring heavy or ultra-heavy housing construction, multiple arrangements, belt or direct drive, and a wide range of optional upgrades.

It is suitable for Industrial Material Handling Applications and Dirty Air Applications: Saw Dust Transfer, Grain Conveyance, Industrial Dusty / Particulate-Laden Air or Gas Exhaust.

  • Aggressive, Abrasive Particulate Duty
  • 11 Models, 440 to 39,277 CFM, Max 20" SP
  • Arrangement 1, 4, 8, 9 and 10 SWSI

Technical Specifications


Material Handling and Dirty Air Applications:

  • Saw Dust Transfer
  • Grain Conveyance
  •  Industrial Dusty / Particulate-Laden Air or Gas Exhaust
  • AIRFLOW: Small Particulate Material Handling and Dirty Air from 440 CFM to 39,277 CFM, up to 20" SP.
  • SIZE FORMAT: AMCA Arrangement 1, 4, 8, 9, and 10 SWSI: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • WHEEL: Steel Flat Radial Blade Wheel. Diameters 15.625" to 57.5".
  • DRIVE: By Arrangement, Direct Drive or Fixed/Adjustable Pitch V-Belt Sheave Drive. Premium Efficiency, 120 to 480VAC Single or Three Phase, NEMA Enclosure and Frame Size Motors.
  • TEMPERATURES: Steel Wheel: 600°F max at full airflow capacity, 700°F max at 85% derated capacity, 800°F max at 70% derated capacity. Aluminum Wheel option: 150°F max at full airflow capacity, 200°F max at 95% derated capacity, 250°F max at 80% derated capacity.
  • INLET: Circular Inlet Duct Ring 9.25" to 33.375". Optional Flanged Inlet.
  • OUTLET: Rectangular Outlet 9" H x 7.5" W to 33" H x 26.5" W. Optional Outlet Flange. 
  • CONSTRUCTION: Steel Sheet, Gray Powder-Coated Finish. Indoor / Outdoor, Heavy-Duty.
  • SPARK RESISTANCE: Optional AMCA Spark A, B, or C Resistant Construction.
  • ​​APPROVALS: ISO-9001 Certified Shop. AMCA  Accredited In-House Test Laboratory.
Available Models
[in WG]
M-09 15 5⁄8 2904 20 17.36 0.44 0.44 4287 4523 1 3⁄16 1 7⁄16
M-11 19 1⁄8 4336 20 25.93 0.66 0.66 3508 3693 1 7⁄16 1 11⁄16
M-13 22 5⁄8 6059 20 36.21 0.92 0.92 2968 3125 1 11⁄16 1 15⁄16
M-15 26 1⁄8 8065 20 48.21 1.23 1.22 2572 2705 1 15⁄16 2 3⁄16
M-17 29 5⁄8 10362 20 61.92 1.58 1.57 2270 2384 1 15⁄16 2 3⁄16
M-19 33 12943 20 77.35 1.97 1.96 2031 2141 2 3⁄16 2 7⁄16
M-21 36 1⁄2 15906 20 89.38 2.4 2.41 1855 1935 2 7⁄16 2 11⁄16
M-23 40 19074 20 107.22 2.88 2.89 1694 1767 2 11⁄16 2 15⁄16
M-26 45 1⁄8 24380 20 137.01 3.59 3.69 1498 1566 2 11⁄16 3 7⁄16
M-29 50 1⁄2 30334 20 170.46 4.59 4.6 1343 1399 2 15⁄16 3 7⁄16
M-33 57 1⁄2 39277 20 220.72 5.94 5.95 1181 1229 3 7⁄16 3 15⁄16



Featuring heavy-gauge housings, direct or belt drives, lip and flange ducting connections, and fully welded frames, our Peerless' Industrial Blower M series can tackle any small-particulate airstream application.

Heavy gage steel, straight radial blade design that self-cleans during use, maintaining its balance and assuring efficient airflow even in particulate-heavy conditions.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel.
  • Dynamically Factory Balanced.
  • Self-Cleaning Design.
  • 18,500 FPM Wheel Tip Max Speed with Shaft and Bearing Upgrades.

Indoor/outdoor, open-member steel frames with pedestal motor mounts keep drivetrains and wheels in alignment longer than formed sheet frames, resulting in longer maintenance intervals.

  • Fully-Welded Steel Frame.
  • Easy Maintenance Access.
  • Fewer Alignment Adjustments Needed.

All fan housings can be fully rotated to reposition the discharge at any of the pre-drilled intervals, allowing for a wide range of installation and ducting configurations. Housing rotation does not require rebalancing.

  • Factory or Field Repositioning.
  • M-09 to M-17 have 22.5° Intervals.
  • M-19 to M-23 have 15° Intervals.
  • M-26 to M-33 have 11.25° Intervals.

Depending on the Arrangement specified, inlet and discharge ducting flange or ducting lip connections are available. See product literature for each model's standard connections.

  • Ducting Flange and Lip Connection.
  • Check Literature for Standard Connections by Model.

Standard paint finish is a baked polyester coating over phosphatize-cleaned steel materials.

  • Highly Durable Polyester Coating.
  • Steel is Cleaned and Prepped Prior to Coating.
  • High Abrasion Resistance for Long Life.

Drive System
Configure as either an adjustable pitch V-belt or direct drive, with heavy-duty motor base rails, ground and polished keyed shafts, and self-aligning normal duty bearings.

  • V-Belt or Direct Drive.
  • Factory-Set RPM Available.
  • Single Speed, TEFC, Inverter Duty Motor.
  • 100K Run Hour Bearings.

Peerless' Industrial Blower M series is available in Arrangement 1, 4, 8, 9, and 10 SWSI.

Arrangement 1 SWSI
AMCA Arrangement 1 SWSI features dual bearings mounted on a base frame, with an overhung fan impeller for use with belt or direct drives. For belt drive configurations, motor positions W, X, Y, and Z are available. Motor supports can be provided in the field or at the factory.

  • V-Belt Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • Normal Duty, 100k Run Hour Bearings.
  • Remote Mounted Motor.

Arrangement 4 SWSI
AMCA Arrangement 4 SWSI utilizes a direct-drive motor mounted onto a base frame, attached to the fan housing. The fan impeller is overhung on the motor shaft and does not need separate bearings.

  • Direct Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • No Bearings on Fan.
  • Onboard Motor.

Arrangement 8 SWSI
 AMCA Arrangement 8 SWSI is comparable to Arrangement 1, however adds a separate motor pedestal at the end of the impeller shaft, allowing for a direct drive installation coupled with dual external bearings.

  • Direct Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • Normal Duty, 100k Run Hour Bearings.
  • Onboard, Pedestal-Mount Motor.

Arrangement 9 SWSI
 AMCA Arrangement 9 SWSI utilizes dual bearings mounted on a base frame, with an overhung fan impeller for use with belt drives. The motor is mounted outside of the frame or pedestal.

  • V-Belt Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • Normal Duty, 100k Run Hour Bearings.
  • Onboard Motor.

Arrangement 10 SWSI
AMCA Arrangement 10 SWSI features a space-efficient, packaged design with an onboard motor mounted within the fan's bearing pedestal.

  • V-Belt Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • Normal Duty, 100k Run Hour Bearings.
  • Onboard Motor.

Peerless' Industrial Blower M series is designed for small particulate material handling, and the below options can further improve safety and performance in your application.

Upgraded Heavy-Duty Construction
For exceptionally abrasive material handling conditions, the Industrial M series offers an upgrade to increase housing and wheel metal thicknesses, shaft diameter, and bearing duty.

  • For Extremely Abrasive Applications.
  • Thicker Housing and Wheel Materials.
  • 15,000 FPM Wheel Tip Max Speed.

Weather Cover
The solid sheet metal Weather Cover installs over the drive and motor, offering weather protection without the need of a separately constructed penthouse or canopy.

  • Eliminates Separate Canopy Cover.
  • Solid Metal Protection.
  • Removable for Maintenance.

Belt Guard
Our heavy-duty Belt Guard is fabricated from expanded metal and installed over the V-belt drive end of the fan, providing personnel protection from the drive's moving parts.

  • Added Personnel Protection.
  • Covers All Rotating Parts.

Vibration Rails
For sound and vibration sensitive applications, Peerless can provide spring or rubber-in-shear Vibration Isolation Rails and Isolation Pads.

  • Reduces Acoustical Impact.
  • ​Isolates Vibration.

Automatic Outlet Damper
Protecting the fan from backdrafts, rain, and snow, our corrosion-resistant Outlet Damper securely attaches to the fan outlet. Choose from automatic, motorized, or manual operation. Outlet dampers are not available with mesh screens.

  • Protects Against Backdrafts.
  • Holds Weather Out.
  • Corrosion Resistant.

Anti-Corrosion Finishes
To help protect against the abuse of particulates, greases, and acids, Anti-Corrosion Paint and Finish options can avoid premature housing damage in very aggressive applications.

  • Combats Very Aggressive Applications.
  • Prevents Premature Failure.
  • Ideal for Acids and Greases.

Spark Resistance
For applications where hazardous gases or other ignitable conditions exist, Peerless offers fully Spark-Resistant Construction and explosion-proof motors per AMCA Spark A, B, and C hazard classifications.

  • Hazardous Condition Protection.
  • AMCA Spark A, B, C.
  • Explosion Proof Motors.

Peerless can provide nearly any special motor specification, including multi-speed windings, stainless steel casings, washdown and other environmental ratings, inverter duty, explosion proof, IEC and other frame sizes, and more.

  • Any Compatible Motor Can Be Provided.
  • Domestic or International Frames.
  • Special Environment Ratings.


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