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L | Industrial Blower

The Peerless Blowers L | Industrial Blower features a radial blade, an industrial-grade fan with belt or direct drive, multiple arrangements and an assortment of customizable options.

It is suitable for material handling applications.

  • Industrial Material Handling
  • Moderate Particulate Capacity
  • 12 Models, 277 to 39,277 CFM, Max 20" SP
  • Arrangement 1, 4, 8, 9, and 10 SWSI

Technical Specifications


Material Handling and Dirty Air Applications:

  • Process Material Transfer
  • Lumber Mill Exhaust
  • Pulp and Paper Conveyance
  • Textile Scrap
  • Wool Transfer
  • Silage Transfer
  • COMMON APPLICATIONS: Material Handling and Dirty Air Applications: Process Material Transfer, Lumber Mill Exhaust, Pulp and Paper Conveyance, Textile Scrap, Wool Transfer, Silage Transfer.
  • AIRFLOW: Large Particulate Material Handling and Dirty Air from 277 CFM to 39,277 CFM, up to 20" SP.
  • SIZE FORMAT: AMCA Arrangement 1, 4, 8, 9, and 10 SWSI: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • WHEEL: Steel Flat Radial Blade Wheel. Diameters 12.125 to 57.5".
  • DRIVE: By Arrangement, Direct Drive or Fixed/Adjustable Pitch V-Belt Sheave Drive. Premium Efficiency, 120 to 480VAC Single or Three Phase, NEMA Enclosure and Frame Size Motors.
  • TEMPERATURES: Steel Wheel: 600°F max at full airflow capacity, 700°F max at 85% derated capacity, 800°F max at 70% derated capacity. Aluminum Wheel option: 150°F max at full airflow capacity, 200°F max at 95% derated capacity, 250°F max at 80% derated capacity.
  • INLET: Circular Inlet Ring Diameter 7.25" to 33.375". Optional Flanged Inlet.
  • OUTLET: Rectangular Outlet 7" H x 6" W. Optional Flanged Outlet.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Steel Sheet, Gray Powder-Coated Finish. Indoor / Outdoor, Heavy-Duty.
  • SPARK RESISTANCE: Optional AMCA Spark A, B, or C Resistant Construction.
  • ​​APPROVALS: ISO-9001 Certified Shop. AMCA Accredited In-House Test Laboratory.
Available Models
L-07 12 1⁄8 1828 17 7.67 0.267 0.277 4676 1 3⁄16

Peerless' Industrial Blower L series is similar to our Type M radial wheel design but without the front plate, allowing for larger material particulate handling.

Heavy gage steel, straight radial blade design that self-cleans during use, maintaining its balance and assuring efficient airflow even in particulate-heavy conditions.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel.
  • Dynamically Factory Balanced.
  • Self-Cleaning Design.
  • 15,000 FPM Wheel Tip Max Speed.

Indoor/outdoor, open-member steel frames keep motors, drivetrains, and wheels in alignment longer than formed sheet frames, resulting in longer maintenance intervals.

  • Fully-Welded Steel Frame.
  • Easy Maintenance Access.
  • Fewer Alignment Adjustments Needed.

All fan housings can be fully rotated to reposition the discharge at any of the pre-drilled intervals, allowing for a wide range of installation and ducting configurations. Housing Rotation Does Not Require Rebalancing.

  • Factory or Field Repositioning.
  • L-07 to L-17 have 22.5° Intervals.
  • L-19 to L-23 have 15° Intervals.
  • L-26 to L-33 have 11.25° Intervals.

Depending on the Arrangement specified, inlet and discharge ducting flange or ducting lip connections are available. See product literature for each model's standard connections.

  • Ducting Flange and Lip Connection.
  • Check Literature for Standard Connections by Model.

Standard paint finish is a baked polyester coating over phosphatize-cleaned steel materials.

  • Highly Durable Polyester Coating.
  • Steel is Cleaned and Prepped Prior to Coating.
  • High Abrasion Resistance for Long Life.

Drive System
Configure as either an adjustable pitch V-belt or direct drive, with heavy-duty motor base rails, ground and polished keyed shafts, and self-aligning normal duty bearings.

  • V-Belt or Direct Drive.
  • Factory-Set RPM Available.
  • Multiple Motor Options.
  • 100K Run Hour Bearings.

Peerless' Industrial Blower L series is available in Arrangements 1, 4, 8, 9, and 10 SWSI.

Arrangement 1 SWSI
AMCA Arrangement 1 SWSI features dual bearings mounted on a base frame, with an overhung fan impeller for use with belt or direct drives. For belt drive configurations, motor positions W, X, Y, and Z are available. Motor supports can be provided in the field or at the factory.

  • V-Belt Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • Normal Duty, 100k Run Hour Bearings.
  • Remote Mounted Motor.

Arrangement 4 SWSI
AMCA Arrangement 4 SWSI utilizes a direct-drive motor mounted onto a base frame, attached to the fan housing. The fan impeller is overhung on the motor shaft and does not need separate bearings.

  • Direct Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • No Bearings on Fan.
  • Onboard Motor.

Arrangement 8 SWSI
AMCA Arrangement 8 SWSI is comparable to Arrangement 1, however adds a separate motor pedestal at the end of the impeller shaft, allowing for a direct drive installation coupled with dual external bearings.

  • Direct Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • Normal Duty, 100k Run Hour Bearings.
  • Onboard, Pedestal-Mount Motor.

Arrangement 9 SWSI
AMCA Arrangement 9 SWSI utilizes dual bearings mounted on a base frame, with an overhung fan impeller for use with belt drives. The motor is mounted outside of the frame or pedestal.

  • V-Belt Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • Normal Duty, 100k Run Hour Bearings.
  • Onboard Motor.

Arrangement 10 SWSI
AMCA Arrangement 10 SWSI features a space-efficient, packaged design with an onboard motor mounted within the fan's bearing pedestal.

  • V-Belt Drive with Overhung Impeller.
  • SWSI Type: Single Width Single Inlet.
  • Normal Duty, 100k Run Hour Bearings.
  • Onboard Motor.

Peerless' Industrial Blower L series is designed for large particulate material handling, and the below options can further improve safety and performance in your application.

Weather Cover
The solid sheet metal Weather Cover installs over the drive and motor, offering weather protection without the need of a separately constructed penthouse or canopy.

  • Eliminates Separate Canopy Cover.
  • Solid Metal Protection.
  • Removable for Maintenance.

Belt Guard
Our heavy-duty Belt Guard is fabricated from expanded metal and installed over the V-belt drive end of the fan, providing personnel protection from the drive's moving parts.

  • Added Personnel Protection.
  • Covers All Rotating Parts.

Vibration Rails
For sound and vibration sensitive applications, Peerless can provide spring or rubber-in-shear Vibration Isolation Rails and Isolation Pads.

  • Reduces Acoustical Impact.
  • ​Isolates Vibration.

Automatic Outlet Damper
Protecting the fan from backdrafts, rain, and snow, our corrosion-resistant Outlet Damper securely attaches to the fan outlet. Choose from automatic, motorized, or manual operation. Outlet dampers are not available with mesh screens.

  • Protects Against Backdrafts.
  • Holds Weather Out.
  • Corrosion Resistant.

Anti-Corrosion Finishes
To help protect against the abuse of particulates, greases, and acids, Anti-Corrosion Paint and Finish options can avoid premature housing damage in very aggressive applications.

  • Combats Very Aggressive Applications.
  • Prevents Premature Failure.
  • Ideal for Acids and Greases.

Spark Resistance
For applications where hazardous gases or other ignitable conditions exist, Peerless offers fully Spark-Resistant Construction and explosion-proof motors per AMCA Spark A, B, and C hazard classifications.

  • Hazardous Condition Protection.
  • AMCA Spark A, B, C.
  • Explosion Proof Motors.

Peerless can provide nearly any special motor specification, including multi-speed windings, stainless steel casings, washdown and other environmental ratings, inverter duty, explosion proof, IEC and other frame sizes, and more.

  • Any Compatible Motor Can Be Provided.
  • Domestic or International Frames.
  • Special Environment Ratings.


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