Series Extension: ATLAS AIR

Friday, April 19, 2024

We extended the ATLAS AIR series! 5 new blower options: 5 - 15 hp | 12,900 CFM max. | 10.5 inWG max.

We extended the ATLAS AIR series!

We're thrilled to announce the expansion of our ATLAS AIR blower offerings for plug fans and fan arrays in HVAC applications: 5 new blower combinations that extend the available motor range from the previous 5 - 7.5 hp to an impressive 15 hp. This enhancement significantly broadens your capabilities as a manufacturer of AHUs, allowing you to meet even more demanding air performance requirements.

With this expansion, we're pushing boundaries further, now reaching a maximum airflow of up to 12,900 CFM compared to the previous 11,100 CFM. Additionally, the enhanced blower combinations enable you to achieve up to 10.5 inWG static pressure compared to the former 8.5 inWG.

At Peerless Blowers, we're committed to continuous innovation to better serve our customers' needs. This advancement underscores our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that deliver exceptional performance and efficiency.

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